Restaurant Point of Sale Systems

Fast credit card payments are essential in food service. Fortunately, Netco has the right point-of-sale systems for any restaurant, bar or cafe - whether you require a traditional wired system, Wi-Fi enabled or pay at the table. Your customers will enjoy faster, more convenient service while you reap the benefits of more affordable equipment and processing.

Some of Our Featured Restaurant POS Options:

Integrated Point of Sale System

integrated point of sale system

Netco Services offers complete POS packages complete with cash drawer, monitor, card acceptance terminal and anything else your business needs to get up and running.

Get fast, accurate transaction processing, state-of-the-art equipment and an easy-to-use interface all in one check-out solution.

Countertop Terminals

Countertop Point of Sale Card Acceptance

Help increase sales with high speed credit card acceptance terminals. Our terminals are equipped to process EMV chip cards and feature Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities to support contactless and mobile payment options. They can also integrate value-added applications such as gift card acceptance.

Pay at the Table

pay at the table point of sale options

Studies have shown pay at the table technology can result in faster table turnover, increased customer security and higher tips for servers. Pay at the table works well with EMV and contactless technology such as mobile wallets - including Apple Pay.

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