In-Store Payment Processing

Modern solutions to accept all major card types with EMV, tap-to-pay, and digital wallets like Google and Apple Pay. Ask about Dual Pricing and Surcharge Programs!

POS Systems

Clover POS (Point of Sale) systems are a line of popular and versatile point-of-sale solutions designed to help businesses of various sizes manage their transactions, inventory, and customer interactions. These systems are known for their flexibility, ease of use, and a range of features tailored to different industries and business types.

Clover Station Duo

A powerful POS for both sides of the counter

  • Accept All Major Payment Types
  • Move at the Speed of Now
  • One Screen For You, One For Your Customers
  • Business Control at your Fingertips

Clover Station Solo

A powerful, all-in-one merchant point-of-sale (POS) device

  • The Convenience of All-in-One
  • The Power to Run Your Business
  • Security Built-In

Clover Mini

Meet the mini POS that comes up big

  • Mighty and Mini
  • Keep it in the Cloud
  • Same Functionality As Station But Smaller

Clover Flex

Mobile-optimized POS for all your takeout and delivery needs

  • 100% Mobile With LTE Or WiFi
  • Accept All Major Payment Types
  • Take Orders And Payment At The Table

Clover Go

Run your business wherever your customers are with the Clover® Go mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Clover Go lets your customers pay the way they want to – and enables you to track your sales in real-time, from anywhere.

  • Accept Payments Anywhere
  • Track Sales in Real-Time
  • Do Business Online or Offline
  • Send Paperless Receipts
  • Enjoy More Flexibility
  • Be Safe and Secure

Clover Kiosk

The Clover Ordering Kiosk allows you to focus your team on producing and delivering more orders. Let the kiosk do the work of order taking and free your team up to focus on other things. 

  • Serve more customers, faster
  • Reduce costs & increase efficiency 
  • Customize content & market to customers

Countertop Terminals

High-performance countertop terminals can be paired with external pin pads. All devices equipped with EMV and NFC:  ApplePay, GooglePay and many more digital wallets. Dual pricing and Surcharge programming available.

Valor VL100

Discover the VL100, an exceptional countertop designed with a user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology aimed at enhancing the customer’s overall experience.

  • Cash Discounting, Dual Pricing, Surcharging
  • Large Scale 3.5” Touchscreen Display
  • Ethernet And Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Digital Signature Capture With SMS & Email Receipt Options
  • Portal Access To Real-Time Transactions & Receipts
  • Batch Reports Emailed Daily

Dejavoo QD4

Your NEW GO-TO for a more dependable countertop terminal.

  • Cash Discounting, Dual Pricing, Surcharging
  • Large Scale 5.5” Touchscreen Display
  • Ethernet And Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Same Software As Z Line, No Learning Curve!
  • Better Reliability
  • Lightning Fast


New generation countertop terminal powered by Android.

  • Surcharging
  • Large Scale 4” Touchscreen Display
  • Ethernet And Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Durable With 3.5 Per Second High-Speed Printer

Wireless Terminals

Process secure payments anywhere with a portable Android-based wireless credit card terminal. Accept credit and pin debit cards using dip, tap or swipe methods. A perfect solution for your business, whether it’s:

Dejavoo QD2

Fast-forward your growth with Dejavoo’s versatile wireless Android mobile terminal.

  • 4G, W-Fi
  • Digital Wallet Acceptance With ApplePay, GooglePay & More
  • 5.5” Large Touch Screen
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Internal PIN Pad And Contactless
  • Reliable & Lightning Fast
  • Cash Discounting, Dual Pricing, & Surcharging

PAX A920

The A920 integrates the complete functionalities of an Android tablet with a powerful point-of-sale payment device, all within an elegant and space-saving form.

  • 4G + WiFi + GPS
  • Digital Wallet Acceptance With Applepay, Googlepay & More
  • 5″ Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 5250mAh Capacity Battery
  • PIN On Glass & NFC Contactless
  • Front & Rear Cameras

Valor VP500

The VP500 taps into all the advantages Android has to offer. Familiar smartphone-like capabilities enhance customer experience while empowering you to modernize and grow your business.

  • 4G LTE/3G/GPRS | WLAN | Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
  • Digital Wallet Acceptance With ApplePay, GooglePay & More
  • 5.5” Touch Screen Display
  • EMV Contact & Contactless
  • Screen Signature Capture
  • Cash Discounting, Dual Pricing, & Surcharging