Financial & Technical Services

Solutions to help you run, grow and expand your business

Dual Pricing & Surcharge Programs

Add surcharges or reduced pricing based on payment method

Dual Pricing allows merchants to offer different prices for their products or services based on the method of payment chosen by the customer. On the other hand, Surcharge Programs involve adding a fee when customers opt for specific payment methods, such as credit cards.

Gift/Loyalty/Digital Gift Program

Generate more business from your best customers

Gift Cards are an effective way to enhance your brand and drive in store and online sales.

Not only do gift cards generate revenue at the time of purchase, studies have shown that customers tend to spend nearly 20% more than the value of the gift card during redemption, thereby further increasing sales.

Business Funding Solutions

Need Cash to Grow? We Got You Covered!

Netco provides a broad range of financial solutions to corporate and small businesses, from Business Expansion to Commercial & Specialty Financing. Lending options are not limited to merchant card sales and some funding programs deliver funds within 24 hours.

Insights Business Data

Enhance Business Success with Actionable Data Insights.

We can show you how to incorporate “Big Data” into your business, giving you actionable insights into your customers and local competitors. Learn how you are performing compared to similar businesses as it relates to to average purchase size, spend per customers, and at specific times and days of the week. Identify loyalty trends amongst your customers, and use this information to increase their purchase frequency. 

Website Building

Manage, Promote & Grow Your Business Online

Your time as a business owner is valuable, and our website development program can help you streamline and expedite the process of online selling.

Whether you are trying to attract a local or global audience, establishing an online presence for your business is more crucial than ever.

Our tailored website solutions include payment integration including reoccurring payments, CRM integration, marketing resources, analytics, and whatever else you need to get set up to sell online.